AG 3: Projects in North America (EN)

Raum D 111 (1.OG) - Freitag, 09. März 2018

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The importance of Embodied Energy in today’s Passive House projects: A New York case study

Stas Zakrzewski


750 Bed Student Residence with High Occupancy Load, Is the Cost of PH worth it?

A. Arifuzzaman, D. Byrne


Passive House proof in Pittsburgh: profit + Paris progress

Brandon Nicholson


New market rate projects for the fast growing region of Vancouver

M. Studer, L. Picciano



McMath | Northern most certified Passive House in North America - A learning demonstration project
Guido Wimmers | A comparative LCA of the wood innovation research lab: an industrial PH for cold climates
Elias Fahssi | Calgary, carbon, and components: opportunities for Passive House in “C-Town”
Buck Moorhead | Buck moorhead architect: designing Passive House on the sly

McMath, Wimmers, Fahssi, Moorhead


Monte Paulsen | Clearing the air: Is flow rate a sufficient measure of kitchen range hood efficacy?
Sonia Zouari | Feasibility assessment of Passive House in the far Canadian North
Andrew Peel | Primary Energy considerations in a large mixed-used student dorm
Gina Buffone | HANAC Corona: a case study of Passive House in multifamily affordable housing

Paulsen, Zouari, Peel, Buffone