Call for Pa­pers


Call for Pa­pers is now closed | Thank you for over 220 ab­stracts!


We would like to say a huge thank you to every­one who sub­mit­ted an ab­stract for 2017 Call for Pa­pers!

In the com­ing weeks we will be put­ting to­geth­er the full con­fer­ence pro­gramme, with the con­fer­ence ad­vis­ory board sup­port­ing us to choose the present­a­tions for the up­com­ing con­fer­ence.

We will in­form speak­ers about the ac­cept­ance of their sub­mis­sions in Oc­to­ber.



Vot­ing for a great pro­gramme at the con­fer­ence ad­vis­ory board meet­ing on 29 Septem­ber 2017



Pass­ive House - it's worth it! is the slo­gan of the up­com­ing con­fer­ence! The pro­gramme will be pub­lished in Novem­ber 2017.

Fo­cus: Com­pat­ib­il­ity of ef­fi­ciency and prof­it­ab­il­ity

  • Prof­it­ab­il­ity: cost-ef­fect­ive pro­jects and con­cepts
  • Basis of de­cision-mak­ing for in­vestors / valu­ation of Pass­ive House build­ings
  • Re­new­able / sus­tain­able en­ergy sup­ply / PER
  • Vent­il­a­tion and in­door air qual­ity
  • Build­ing en­vel­ope: com­pon­ents / trades
  • Qual­i­fic­a­tion of de­sign­ers and trades­per­sons
  • Cli­mate ad­apt­a­tion: sum­mer com­fort
  • Pass­ive House ret­ro­fits
  • Com­mis­sion­ing / Fa­cil­ity Man­age­ment / Mon­it­or­ing
  • Qual­ity as­sur­ance: be­ne­fits of cer­ti­fic­a­tion
  • Build­ing ma­ter­i­als in fo­cus: eco­nom­ics / eco­logy / em­bod­ied en­ergy
  • Fire and sound pro­tec­tion in Pass­ive House build­ings
  • Tools / Di­git­iz­a­tion / BIM
  • Ar­chi­tec­ture / Aes­thet­ics
  • Pass­ive House in­ter­na­tion­al


 Conference advisory council of the 22nd International Passive House Conference

Norbert Am­man, IHK für München und Oberbay­ern, München | DE
Robert Bartl, Bay­ern In­nov­at­iv GmbH, Nürn­berg | DE
Mar­tin Delk­er, Ar­chitek­ten Lim­mert + Delk­er, München | DE
Wolfgang Feist,  Passivhaus In­sti­tut, Uni­versität Inns­bruck,  Darm­stadt/ Inns­bruck | DE
Franz Fre­un­dorfer, Passivhauskre­is Rosen­heim Traun­stein e.V., Oberau­dorf | DE
Bernhard Funk, Bayr­ische In­genieurkam­mer Bau, München | DE
Ro­land Grä­bel, Stadt München - Refer­at Um­welt und Ge­sund­heit, München | DE
Oliv­er Heiss, Bayr­ische Ar­chitek­ten­kam­mer, München | DE
Markus Ju­li­an May­er, Bayr­ische Ar­chitek­ten­kam­mer, München | DE
Josef Hoch­huber, Bay­erisches Staats­min­is­teri­um für Wirtschaft und Medi­en, En­er­gie und Tech­no­lo­gie, München | DE
An­dreas Holm, Forschungsin­sti­tut für Wärmes­chutz e.V., Gräfelf­ing | DE
Björn Kier­ulf, Creat­erra s.r.o., Senec | SK
Birgit Knoch, en­er­gieagence Lëtze­buerg, Lux­em­bourg | LUX
Ger­hard Ko­pein­ig, ARCH+MORE ZT GmbH, Velden am Wörth­ersee | AT
Helmut Krap­mei­er, En­er­gie­in­sti­tut Vor­arl­berg, Wolfurt | AT
Jens Kuck­elkorn, Bay­erisches Zen­trum für An­ge­wandte En­er­gieforschung (ZAE), Garch­ing | DE
Laszlo Lepp, Passivhaus In­sti­tut, Inns­bruck | AT
Dirk Mobers, En­er­gieAgen­tur.NRW, Wup­per­tal | DE
Francesco Nesi, ZEPHIR - Passivhaus Italia, Per­gine Valsug­ana | IT
Oliv­er Ot­tinger, Passivhaus In­sti­tut, Darm­stadt | DE
Rain­er Pfluger, Uni­versität Inns­bruck, Inns­bruck | AT
Mar­tin Sam­bale, eza! - En­er­gie und Um­weltzen­trum Allgäu, Kempten | DE
An­dreas Schablitzki, Hoch­bauamt - Stadt Frank­furt am Main, Frank­furt am Main | DE
Burkhard Schulze Darup, schulze darup und part­ner ar­chitek­ten, Ber­lin/Nürn­berg | DE
Jan Steiger, Passivhaus In­sti­tut, Darm­stadt | DE
Rolf-Peter Strauß, Hoch­schule Bre­men, Bre­men | DE
Anke Un­verz­a­gt, proK­lima - der ener­city Fonds, Han­nov­er | DE
Rain­er Valentin, val­lentin + reich­­chitek­ten in­genieure en­er­giekonzepte, München | DE
Gernot Valentin, Ar­chitek­tur Werkstatt Val­lentin GmbH, München | DE
Mi­cheel Was­souf, EN­ER­GIEHAUS AR­QUI­TEC­TOS, Bar­celona | ES
Mat­thi­as Wohl­fahrt, proK­lima - der ener­city Fonds, Han­nov­er | DE
Mark Zi­m­mer­mann, EMPA, Dübendorf | CH