Re­gis­tra­tion: Pass­ive House Ex­hib­i­tion

Welcome to the registration page of the Passive House Exhibition 2024!

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you as exhibitors at the Passive House Exhibition 2024 at the "Technik" campus of the University of Innsbruck, Austria, on 5 and 6 April 2024.

Please have a look at the floor plan of the catering/exhibition area (see below!) in order to find the perfect booth space for your company. This year, the catering/exhibition area spans two floors (ground floor and basement; photos here). You can select your preferred booth space in the drop-down menu below. You may also want to consult the campus plan of the University of Innsbruck to familiarise yourself with the exact location of the catering/exhibition area at the "Technik" campus.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch with us!

Contact: Ms. Miriam Wichmann
Phone: +43 512 570768 28

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR CO-EXHIBITORS: If you are interested in co-exhibiting and sharing your booth space with another exhibitor, please do NOT use the registration form below but contact us directly!


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Selection of booth space

The Passive House Exhibition 2024 will take place at "Technikerstr. 21" ("Technik" campus, University of Innsbruck). The exhibition area spans two floors (see plans: ground floor and basement). Due to the hillside location of the building, each floor has an entrance at ground level (the entrance to the ground floor is on the northern side of the building, the entrance to the basement is on the southern side of the building).

The conference participants enter the building using the main entrance of the ground floor. Here, drinks are served. Bar-height bistro tables are scattered all over the exhibition area and invite participants to mingle. Furthermore, the open gallery at the other side of the ground floor acts as a mezzanine and provides a nice view of the exhibition area in the basement. The booth spaces in the basement are located in a double-height area. Large windows create a bright and pleasant atmosphere. This is also where food is served. The conference participants can enjoy the meals either standing at the bar-height bistro tables on the ground floor or sitting at the tables surrounded by exhibition booths in the basement.

Exhibitors can choose between the following booth categories:

  • Mi­ni: 3m²    (1,500€)

  • Basic: 6m²   (2,400€)

  • Plus (pillar): 9m² (2,400€)*

  • Plus: 9m²    (3,300€)

  • Maxi: 12m²   (4,200€)

* There is a pillar in each booth space belonging to the "Plus (pillar)" category. Therefore, we will only charge you the 6m² in front of the area with the pillar. If you wish, however, you are more than welcome to use the whole booth space of approximately 9m².

*For booth 6a (3m²) please contact us directly and do not use the registration form. .

Services included in the price of your booth:

  • Booth space (excluding booth setup!)
  • Wifi
  • Electricity
  • Full catering for both exhibition days **
  • Free participation in the 27th International Passive House Conference **

** This is valid for a maximum of 1 booth supervisor (Mini booth category), 2 booth supervisors (Basic and Plus booth categories) or a maximum of 3 booth supervisors (Maxi booth category)


Discount options:

  • Early-bird discount: 5%   (valid until 04 February 2024)
  • iPHA membership and/or holder of a valid PH component certificate: 5%

The discounts can be combined and will be automatically deducted from your bill.

All prices plus 20% VAT.


Sponsoring Package

Enhance your visibility at the 27th International Passive House Conference by advertising your company with our sponsorship packages! Just pick a sponsorship option and book it along with your booth right here in this registration form. If you would rather wait and take some time to decide if you want to become a sponsor, please feel free to get in touch with Miriam Wichmann ( at a later point in time.

All prices plus 20% VAT. For further requests, please get in touch with

Additional information

Product range / exhibits

All materials used for stand construction and decoration must be designated as flame-retardant. The exhibitor must be able to present the relevant certificates for the flame-retardant properties of objects (B1 according to DIN 4102 as well as ÖNROM EN 13501 and TRVB-N 136-79 Point 7) on site or, upon request, be able to make them available to the organiser in advance.


By sending our registration, we acknowledge in all regards the conditions of participation.

Furthermore, we hereby declare our consent for the data specified in the registration form to be collected, stored and used by Passivhaus Institut GmbH and Passivhaus Österreich GmbH for the purpose of correspondence, for invoicing purposes and the provision of the agreed services as part of the exhibition during the 27th International Passive House Conference.

All prices are to be paid including 20% VAT.

With our registration, we acknowledge the privacy policy available to us in all points. The privacy policy is part of the contract.