Join us for the last week of conference!

Oct. 7, 2020

One more week to go: Enjoy five more lecture sessions and our second building tour session with Passive House projects from all over the world! You can look forward to our final plenary on Thursday, 8 October at 5:00 pm (CEST) with top-class keynote speakers including Marina Köhn, Susan Aitken, and Wolfgang Feist, founder of the Passive House Institute. The recordings of all previous sessions can be accessed by participants via our platform at any time. Our ticket shop is still open for you!


Con­fer­en­ce pro­gramme week 3

Wed­nes­day, 7 Oc­to­ber 2020

» Ses­si­on 12: Work­shop So­zi­al-Ge­schoss­wohn­bau | 9.00 am (CEST)
» Buil­ding tours - Ses­si­on 2 | 9.00 am (CEST)
» Ses­si­on 13: Non re­si­den­ti­al pro­jects|5.00 pm (CEST)
» Ses­si­on 14: Pas­si­ve Hou­se Po­li­cy | 5.00 pm (CEST)

Thursday, 8 Oc­to­ber 2020

» Ses­si­on 15: Pas­si­ve Hou­se Re­tro­fits in Ger­ma­ny | 9.00 am (CEST)
» Ses­si­on 16: Pas­si­ve Hou­se pro­jects around the glo­be | 9.00 am (CEST)
» Fi­nal Plen­a­ry | 5.00 pm (CEST)

Ad­di­tion­al pro­gramme week 3

» Guided tours over the ON­LI­NE-Ex­hib­i­tion

In Eng­lish: Wed­nes­day and Thursday, 12:00 am - 1:30 pm (CEST)

» Netz­work­ing in the Pas­si­ve Hou­se Café

open 24/7, get in touch with oth­er con­fer­en­ce par­ti­cipants, ex­hib­it­ors and speak­ers!

» Ex­hi­bi­tio Ral­ley Ral­ley

Par­ti­cip­ate in the ex­hib­i­tion treas­ure hunt and test your Pass­ive House know­ledge! Ex­plore the ex­hib­i­tion, ac­quire up-to-date know­ledge in the area of en­ergy ef­fi­ciency, and win a lot of ex­cit­ing prizes. We placed twenty ques­tions on the boothes of our ex­hib­it­ors, marked by a ques­tion mark sym­bol. An­swer them all cor­rectly and you will re­ceive 1 Cred­it point for pro­long­ing your Pass­ive House De­sign­er/Trades­per­son Cer­ti­fic­ate. PHPP full li­cence, Pass­ive House ba­sics e-learn­ing course and oth­er prizes will be raffled between all the par­ti­cipants who have answered all the ques­tions cor­rectly. Stay tuned!


»NEW: Con­fer­en­ce pro­ceed­ings

The con­fer­en­ce pro­ceed­ings in Eng­lish and Ger­man are avail­able via down­load on our con­fer­en­ce plat­form.

» Our tick­et shop is still open!

As re­gistered par­ti­cipants of the con­fer­en­ce you will have ac­cess to the re­cord­ing of all lec­ture ses­sions. In­teg­rated in our con­fer­en­ce plat­form and avail­able between 10 Oc­to­ber and 01 Novem­ber 2020. Se­cure your con­fer­en­ce tick­et and pass it on!

» So­ci­al Me­dia Wall

Be­come part of our large pass­ive house com­mu­nity and dis­cov­er your­self and oth­er par­ti­cipants on our so­cial me­dia wall. The hasht­ag for our con­fer­en­ce is #24int­PHC !

» Any ques­tions?

On our Q&As at our web­site you will find an­swers re­gard­ing the of­fers, tech­nic­al equip­ment and be­ha­viour dur­ing the on­line con­fer­en­ce.