Sci­entif­ic Ad­vis­ory Board

Sci­en­tif­ic Ad­vis­ory Board 2023

Every year, sev­er­al hun­dred con­tri­bu­tions on Pass­ive House pro­jects from all over the world are sub­mit­ted via the Call for Pa­pers to the In­ter­na­tion­al Pass­ive House Con­fer­en­ce. An in­de­pend­ent sci­en­tif­ic con­fer­en­ce ad­vis­ory board de­cides on the nu­mer­ous con­tri­bu­tions sub­mit­ted and se­lects about 80-90 con­tri­bu­tions ac­cord­ing to a rank­ing with­in the frame­work of the ad­vis­ory board meet­ing, which some­times lasts sev­er­al days. We would like to ex­press our sin­cere thanks for the com­mit­ment of our con­fer­en­ce ad­vis­ory board this year. 

Look for­ward to an ex­cit­ing pro­gram!


speaker photo
Bretzke, Axel | Hochschule Biberach University
speaker photo
Dr. Ebel, Witta | Passivhaus Institut
speaker photo
Kreutzer Wesslund, Simone | IG Passivhus Sverige
speaker photo
May, Ed | bldgtyp
speaker photo
Pallantzas, Stefan | Hellenic Passive House Institute
speaker photo
speaker photo
Tzanev, Dragomir | EnEffect Center for Energy Efficiency
speaker photo
Wohlfahrt, Matthias | proKlima-Der enercity Fonds
speaker photo
Burrell, Elrond | VIA Architecture
speaker photo
Dr. Feist, Wolfgang | Passivhaus Institut
speaker photo
Lepp, Lazslo | Passivhaus Institut
speaker photo
Mobers, Dirk | EKBW - Energie- und Klimabüro Wuppertal
speaker photo
Paulsen, Monte | RDH Building Science
speaker photo
Steiger, Jan | Passivhaus Institut
speaker photo
Vekemans, Etienne | PROPASSIF
speaker photo
Yu, Mou | WFP Architects
speaker photo
Chen, Shoukong |
speaker photo
Groß­k­los, Marc | Institute for Housing and Environment GmbH
speaker photo
Linder, Mathias | Office for Construction and Real Estate of the City of Frankfurt a.M.
speaker photo
Mori, Miwa | KEY ARCHITECTS Ltd.
speaker photo
Peel, Andrew | Peel Passive House Consulting
speaker photo
Dr. Steinmül­ler, Bernd | BSMC
speaker photo
Weber, Christine | University of Wuppertal
speaker photo
Cunz, Thilo | German Energy Agency
speaker photo
Han, Fei | Sino-German Ecopark Passive House Building Technology Co.Ltd.
speaker photo
Lewis, Sarah | Passivhaus Trust
speaker photo
Nason, Kate | Frasers Property Austrailia
speaker photo
Pfluger, Rainer | University of Innsbruck
speaker photo
Theumer, Susanne | Passsivhaus Institute GmbH
speaker photo

  • Bretz­ke, Axel | DE
  • Bur­rell, El­rond | NZ
  • Chen, Shou­kong | CN
  • Cunz, Thi­lo | DE
  • Ebel, Dr. Wit­ta | DE
  • Feist, Dr. Wolf­gang | DE
  • Groß­k­los, Marc | DE
  • Han, Fei | CN
  • Kreut­zer Wesslund, Si­mo­ne | SE
  • Lepp, Lasz­lo | AT
  • Lin­der, Ma­thi­as | DE
  • Le­wis, Sa­rah | UK
  • May, Ed | US
  • Mobers, Dirk | DE
  • Mo­ri, Mi­wa | JP
  • Na­son, Ka­te | AU
  • Pal­lantz­as, Ste­fan | HE
  • Paul­sen, Mon­te | CA
  • Peel, An­drew | CA
  • Pflu­ger, Dr. Rai­ner | AT
  • Ron­gen, Lud­wig | DE
  • Stei­ger, Jan | DE
  • Stein­mül­ler, Dr. Bernd | DE
  • Theu­mer, Su­san­ne | DE
  • Tz­a­nev, Dr. Dra­go­mir | UK
  • Ve­ke­mans, Eti­en­ne | FR
  • We­ber, Chris­ti­ne | DE
  • Was­souf, Mi­cheel | ES
  • Wohl­fahrt, Matt­hi­as | DE
  • Yu, Mou | DE


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  • Eco­lo­gic­al, sus­tain­able and sav­ing en­ergy: Pass­ive Houses
  • Elec­tri­fy­ing Pass­ive House
  • Com­bin­ing Pass­ive House and Re­new­ables: NZEB, ZEB and net­Zero build­ings
  • Fast and re­li­able ret­ro­fits to­wards En­erPHit Stand­ard
  • Ad­vant­ages of the Pass­ive House stand­ard for city quar­ters
  • Highly ef­fi­cient and com­fort­able in the sum­mer heat
  • Non-res­id­en­tial Pass­ive House build­ings
  • Highly ef­fi­cient health­care fa­cil­it­ies: hos­pit­als, doc­tor's of­fices and nurs­ing homes
  • Re­li­able and cost-ef­fi­cient build­ing auto­ma­tion
  • Im­pact­ful tech­no­logy: Vent­il­a­tion units with heat re­cov­ery
  • Pass­ive House com­pon­ents: cur­rent de­vel­op­ments
  • Do-it-your­self en­ergy ef­fi­ciency
  • Pass­ive House policies and sub­sidies
  • Pass­ive House eco­nom­ics in an out-of-con­trol con­struc­tion mar­ket
  • Pass­ive House com­mu­nic­a­tion and edu­ca­tion
  • KISS: simple and af­ford­able con­struc­tion meth­ods
  • New Pass­ive House tools and mon­it­or­ing res­ults