Passive House international

Hall Schubert 4-6 (Level 1) - Saturday, 29 April 2017

Time Topic Speaker

10:30 am

Cimate zones with hot summer and cold winter – build a Passive House!

Svetlin Dobrevski

10:55 am

The first certified Passive House in the touristic sector in Portugal

Joao Gaviao

11:20 am

FairyTaleKindergarten/The first certified PH kindergarten of HU

Csaba Nagy

11:45 am

Poster :
Szeker | Passive Houses in Hungary
Bonilauri | Better climate zone mapping for PH in different countries
Parry | Changing the game in Australia - The contractor experience

Szeker, Bonilauri, Parry

12:10 am

Poster :
Bunyesc, Prieto | Retrofit and extension of a public community centre in Barcelona of null energy balance
Vicente | Energy retrofit of a masonry building in Portugal

Bunyesc, Prieto, Vicente

12:35 am

Poster :
Balla | Role of PH principles to improve comfort in tropical climate of Bangalore, India
Mangaroska | Green Buildings and PH for the Climate Conditions in Macedonia
Varga | Thermal bridge free PH foundation design in the Romanian seismic region

Balla, Mangaroska, Varga