Ses­sion 12

Ses­si­on 12: Mon­it­or­ing and qual­ity as­sur­ance

Tues­day, 14 Sep­tem­ber 2021


In or­der to en­sure good per­form­ance and to im­ple­ment Pass­ive House pro­jects op­tim­ally, sol­id mon­it­or­ing, and qual­ity as­sur­ance are in­dis­pens­able. How such pro­ced­ures should be car­ried out pro­fes­sion­ally will be shown by our speak­ers in their present­a­tions based on con­crete pro­jects and their ex­per­i­en­ce re­ports. Cost-be­ne­fit ev­al­u­ations and stand­ar­ds for check­ing per­form­ance as tools for urb­an and pass­ive house plan­ners: from Heidel­berg to Shang­hai, it is no longer pos­sible to ima­gine ef­fect­ive plan­ning without them.


Time (CEST) Top­ic Speak­er          
4:00 pm Wel­co­me
Berthold Kaufmann
4:05 pm

Meas­ur­ing the air per­meab­il­ity of a 125-m sky­scraper (pro­ject ex­per­i­en­ce)

The PHI guidelines on Luftdi­ch­theits-Mes­sung von Hoch­häusern [Air­tight­ness meas­ure­ment of high-rise build­ings] provide a good basis for this meas­ure­ment in tall build­ings. Care­ful pre­par­a­tion is es­sen­tial in or­der to en­sure an equal spread of pres­sure dur­ing meas­ure­ment. It is also es­sen­tial to be aware of the huge in­flu­en­ces wind and thermal cur­rent can have

Stefanie Rolfsmeier | BlowerDoor GmbH
4:20 pm

Im­prove­ment on a mass scale: SIN­FONIA Inns­bruck

Multi-fam­ily houses and schools (more than 50,000 m²) in Inns­bruck un­der­went step-by-step ren­ov­a­tions as part of the EU SIN­FONIA pro­ject. Part of the work of the PHI was con­cerned with the PHPP cal­cu­la­tions and qual­ity as­sur­ance work, and with the ana­lys­is of the mon­it­or­ing data. Fol­low­ing the first step of the “En­erPHit” ren­ov­a­tion, the mean value meas­ured for the heat con­sump­tion was found to be 31.8 kWh/(m²a), rep­res­ent­ing 77% sav­ings.

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Sören Peper | Passivhaus Institut
4:35 pm

Cel­eb­rat­ing 11 years of Heidel­berg’s Bahn­stadt quarter: qual­ity as­sur­ance and mon­it­or­ing

A Pass­ive House neigh­bour­hood such as the Bahn­stadt is a chal­lenge. The lec­ture ex­am­ines typ­ic­al dif­fi­culties, and how to over­come them in prac­tice. Fi­nal suc­cess can ul­ti­mately only be proven by the con­sump­tion fig­ures. The ana­lys­is shows good res­ults, as well as a few sur­prises.

Walter Orlik | KLiBA gGmbH


Foto Stolz.jpg
Kerstin Stolz | KLiBA gGmbH
4:50 pm

Ques­tion and An­swer

5:10 pm

Re­al-li­fe per­for­man­ce eva­lua­ti­on of eco-ci­ty Pas­si­ve Hou­se apart­ments in Tianjin, Chi­na

First ever mon­it­or­ing res­ults from a com­pleted res­id­en­tial high-rise PH in Asia. After 12-month, test apart­ments in Tianjin Eco-City meet pre­dicted en­ergy de­mands, while un­anti­cip­ated pat­terns of user be­ha­viour al­low for fur­ther op­tim­iz­a­tion of FM pro­cesses and user guidelines be­fore full oc­cu­pancy.

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Rolf Demmler | Founding Director of SoftGrid (Shanghai)
5:25 pm

De­ep en­er­gy re­tro­fits: Who be­ne­fits, who pays & how to in­form ef­fec­ti­ve po­li­cy de­ve­lop­ment
While this ana­lys­is shows that Deep En­ergy Ret­ro­fit is fin­an­cially at­tract­ive, it also in­dic­ates that policy de­vel­op­ment needs to fo­cus on in­centiv­ising the key de­cision-maker if Ire­lands tar­gets are to be achieved in the key so­cial hous­ing arena.

Shane Colclough | Ulster University
5:40 pm

Less than 2%: ‘Rei­ma­gi­ne’ the buil­ding to ve­ri­fy how much ex­tra Pas­siv­haus costs.
Re-ima­gine ar­chi­tec­ture for com­pleted build­ings is presen­ted as the nov­el ap­proach on the real chal­lenge, which is to nail down the cap­it­al cost up­lift, if any, that is re­lated to Passivhaus cer­ti­fic­a­tion only. The res­ults showed that the cap­it­al costs up­lifts were far lower than com­monly as­sumed.

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Evangelia Mitsiakou | AECOM UK
5:55 pm Ques­tion and An­swer  

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