Ses­sion 7

Ses­si­on 7: Pre­fab­ric­ated ret­ro­fit­ting: The out­PHit pro­ject

Sat­urday, 11 Sep­tem­ber 2021

Time (CEST) Top­ic Speak­er           
2:15 pm Wel­co­me  

2:20 pm

Pre­fab­ric­ated En­erPHit ret­ro­fit with wood mod­ules

Gerhard Kopeinig | ARCH+MORE ZT GmbH

2:35 pm

SAINT-GOBAIN pre.Form­ance – pre­fab­ric­ated sys­tem for ef­fi­ciently ret­ro­fit­ting res­id­en­tial build­ings
Michael Langkau | SAINT-GOBAIN Deutschland & Österreich

2:50 pm

Liv­ing cost-neut­ral En­erPHit ret­ro­fits on the rise

Clarence Rose | DNA in de bouw
3:05 pm Ques­tion and An­swer  

3:25 pm

Ma­king ex­is­ting ho­mes fit for the fu­ture with TCo­sy Pas­si­ve Re­tro­fit

Ron Beattie | Beattie Passive
3:40 pm

Dif­fe­rent ways and pos­si­bi­li­ties for ap­p­li­ca­ti­on me­thods of se­ri­al re­no­va­ti­on - Out­PHit

Rainer Pfluger | Universität Innsbruck
3:55 pm

De­ep Re­tro­fits / Out­PHit : Les­sons le­ar­ned out of rea­li­sed Out­PHit (En­er­PHit/En­er­gie­sprong

Etienne Vekemans | PROPASSIF Sarl, Paris
4:10 pm Ques­tion and An­swer  

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