Ses­sion 7

Ses­si­on 7: Pass­ive House Ret­ro­fits

Wed­nes­day, 30 Septem­ber 2020, 5:00 pm

Time (CEST) Top­ic Speak­er          
5:00 pm Wel­come
Bjorn Kierulf | Chair

5:05 pm

Past, pre­sent, & fu­ture so­lu­ti­ons for ma­son­ry re­tro­fits

Michael Ingui | Baxt Ingui Architects

5:20 pm

Re­tro­fit­ting Astu­ri­as ar­chi­tec­tu­ral he­ri­ta­ge

This Hotel pro­ject en­tails an en­ergy study which sets the path to fol­low for nearly zero en­ergy build­ings, com­bin­ing the re­fur­bish­ment of a more than 100 years old build­ing, part of As­turi­as pat­ri­mony, and the ad­op­tion of the rig­or­ous Passivhaus stand­ar­ds and their ret­ro­fit cer­ti­fic­ate En­erPhit.


5:35 pm

En­er­PHit air­tight­ness & moi­sture con­trol: Ro­bust sim­ple so­lu­ti­ons for low-leak re­tro­fits

The ar­tic­le pres­ents the air­tight­ness and moi­sture con­trol stra­t­egy and its exe­cu­ti­on in an En­er­PHit re­tro­fit of a his­to­ric buil­ding in Bar­ce­lo­na, re­sul­ting in ve­ry low air in­fil­tra­ti­on ra­tes in the pre­li­mi­na­ry Blower Door tests.

Bega Clavero | Progetic
5:50 pm Ques­tion and An­swer  

6:10 pm

In­iti­al ex­pe­ri­en­ces with the con­do­mi­ni­um fee mo­del as ap­p­lied in As­sen

Carl Peter Goossen_zugeschnitten_400.png
Carl-Peter Goossen | Bouwnext/DNA in de bouw
6:25 pm

"eco­works" rea­li­ses the first se­ri­al Re­tro­Phit in Ger­ma­ny

Se­ri­al re­no­va­ti­on ba­sed on the Dutch ener­gie­sprong prin­ci­ple is ve­ry cost-ef­fec­ti­ve. The Ber­lin start-up eco­works wants to im­ple­ment this ty­pe of se­ri­al mo­der­ni­za­ti­on in­dus­tri­al­ly, quick­ly, in­ex­pen­si­ve­ly and in lar­ge num­bers in Ger­ma­ny. Twel­ve re­si­den­ti­al units we­re com­ple­ted in Ha­meln in 2020. 

Stefan Oehler_zugeschnitten_400.png
Stefan Oehler | ecoworks GmbH

6:40 pm

The En­er­gie­sprong ap­proach: Af­for­da­ble, cli­ma­te-con­s­cious li­ving for all!

En­er­gie­sprong re­thinks the re­no­va­ti­on pro­cess and trans­forms it from a pro­ject to a pro­duct le­vel. Us­ing new tech­no­lo­gies li­ke pre­fa­bri­ca­ted ele­ments, long-term per­for­man­ce war­ran­ties and an in­no­va­ti­ve fi­nan­cing ap­proach, it crea­tes Net­Ze­ro-ho­mes that are af­for­da­ble for eve­r­yo­ne in ve­ry short ti­me.

Ron van Erck | Energiesprong Foundation, Deutsche Energie-Agentur
6:55 pm Ques­tion and An­swer  
This year you will find them­at­ic­ally suit­able poster con­tri­bu­tions in the ON­LINE Pass­ive House Ex­hib­i­tion:  
  En­er­phit re­fur­bis­h­ment on­ly 10 years af­ter con­struc­ti­on. The ca­se of S.G. of­fi­ce buil­ding, An­drea Bom­ba­sa­ro | Be­fo­re and Af­ter- mo­ni­to­red per­for­man­ce of First Pas­si­ve Hou­se re­tro­fit pro­ject in Cy­prus, Mi­los Ilic | Con­ser­va­ti­on com­pa­ti­ble en­er­gy re­tro­fit of tra­di­tio­nal ver­nacu­lar dwel­ling in Chi­na, Hui Sun | Sim­ple low cost hea­ting in mul­ti-re­si­den­ti­al en­er­phit, Alan Clar­ke | An in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on in­to the cost op­ti­ma­li­ty of the pas­si­ve hou­se re­tro­fit stan­dard, Mo­hammad Hei­drie  

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