Please note: From now online registration is not longer available. Participants for the Passive House Conference need to register at the North Gate of Gaobeidian-China International Door & Window City on the day of the conference, in oder to receive the visitor badge and then can enter the conference campus. If you will also participate the Passive House Forum, you will pay at the Finance Department of the B1 Hall of the Door and Window City.


Take the op­por­tun­ity to deep­en your know­ledge in the run up to the con­fer­en­ce or right after the event! Pass­ive House In­sti­tu­te of­fers a vari­ety of ba­sic and ad­vanced work­shops. As a spe­cial of­fer for this years work­shop par­ti­cipants, we provide free ac­cess to our E-learn­ing course "Pass­ive House Fun­da­ment­als".

Please note that these work­shops are not in­cluded in the con­fer­en­ce tick­et and have to be booked and paid ad­di­tion­ally.

All Eng­lish work­shops will be con­sec­ut­ively trans­lated in­to Chinese.



Ba­sic Work­shops, Tues­day, 8 Oc­to­ber 2019


phpp_bildlogo_klein.jpg__354x219_q85_crop_subsampling-2 (1).jpg

Tues­day, 8 Oc­to­ber 2019, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Pass­ive House design: PHPP ba­sics
(in Chinese)

This work­shop provides ba­sic know­ledge of the Pass­ive House Plan­ning Pack­age (PHPP), the en­ergy bal­an­cing and plan­ning tool for ef­fi­cient build­ings and ret­ro­fits.

To get the most be­ne­fit from this work­shop, please bring your own laptop com­puter. You should be able to run Ex­cel files ver­sion 2013 or high­er.


Tues­day, 8 Oc­to­ber 2019, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Pass­ive House Ba­sics (in Chinese)

For rep­res­ent­at­ives, ad­min­is­trat­ive and tech­nic­al staff from mu­ni­cip­al­it­ies, cit­ies and rur­al dis­tricts, this event of­fers suc­cess­ful prac­tic­al ex­amples with con­crete tips and in­struc­tions for im­ple­ment­a­tion. Be­gin­ners and ex­perts will get an over­view of the tech­nic­al and eco­nom­ic pos­sib­il­it­ies and de­vel­op­ments in en­ergy ef­fi­cient con­struc­tion.


Tues­day, 8 Oc­to­ber 2019, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Pass­ive House design: design­PH (in Chinese)

We will de­mon­strate how a build­ing mod­el can eas­ily be set up us­ing the 3D plan­ning tool design­PH, to re­ceive pre­lim­in­ary feed­back on the en­ergy per­form­ance of your sketch designs. Learn how to re­fine the build­ing en­ergy mod­el to im­prove the ef­fi­ciency.

Ad­vanced Work­shops, Sat­urday, 12 Oc­to­ber 2019



Sat­urday, 12 Oc­to­ber 2019, 2:30 - 6:30 pm

Cli­mate pro­tec­tion at dis­trict level - plan­ning and ev­al­u­ation with dis­trict­PH

Pass­ive House In­sti­tu­te has de­ve­loped a tool with which de­vel­op­ment or ret­ro­fit­ting scen­ari­os can be ev­al­u­ated at dis­trict level. dis­trict­PH helps with ques­tions about suit­able sup­ply op­tions and sens­ible design for re­medi­ation sub­sidies and shows how a net zero-en­ergy dis­trict can be achieved. This work­shop will present the ba­sic fea­tures of dis­trict­PH and present prac­tic­al ex­amples.

To get the most be­ne­fit from this work­shop, please bring your own laptop com­puter. You should be able to con­nect a USB stick and to run Ex­cel files ver­sion 2013 or high­er, in­clud­ing mac­ros.


Sat­urday, 12 Oc­to­ber 2019, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


This work­shop will sum­mar­ise the find­ings from vari­ous stud­ies on Pass­ive Houses in dif­fer­ent cli­mates of the world, car­ried out at the Pass­ive House In­sti­tu­te. The im­port­ance of air­tight con­struc­tion and the in­flu­en­ces on en­er­get­ic and mois­ture is­sues un­der the ma­jor cli­mat­ic bound­ary con­di­tions will be ­poin­ted out.


Sat­urday, 12 Oc­to­ber 2019, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

bim2PH - BIM and PHPP

BIM2PH is the new in­ter­face concept for BIM tools to ex­port pro­ject data from 3D mod­els to PHPP. This work­shop will ex­plain how to in­tro­duce en­ergy ef­fi­ciency para­met­ers in­to BIM mod­els and in­tro­duce the fea­tures of the BIM2PH con­vert­er tool to ex­port data to PHPP.



Sat­urday, 12 Oc­to­ber 2019, 2:30 - 6:30 pm

En­ergy ef­fi­cient hot wa­ter sys­tems 

The en­ergy de­mand for the pro­vi­sion of hot wa­ter plays a dom­in­ant role in the en­ergy bal­ance of res­id­en­tial Pass­ive House build­ings. This work­shop presents and dis­cusses sav­ing po­ten­tials and plan­ning re­com­mend­a­tions.


Sat­urday, 12 Oc­to­ber 2019, 2:30 - 6:30 pm

Com­mis­sion­ing and mon­it­or­ing 

The work­shop will fo­cus on qual­ity as­sur­ance as well as com­mon MVHR com­mis­sion­ing is­sues and sug­ges­tions on how to tackle them. The most im­port­ant find­ings of the 52nd ses­sion of the Re­search group for cost-ef­fect­ive Pass­ive House build­ings will be sum­mar­ised.


Sat­urday, 12 Oc­to­ber 2019, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Cool­ing and de­hu­mid­i­fic­a­tion 

This work­shop provides an over­view of cool­ing and de­hu­mid­i­fic­a­tion strategies for Pass­ive House build­ings. After ini­tial con­sid­er­a­tions on the re­duc­tion of cool­ing en­ergy de­mand, the main fo­cus will be on the en­ergy ef­fi­cient, cost-ef­fect­ive and ef­fi­cient sup­ply and dis­tri­bu­tion of cool­ing in Pass­ive House build­ings in warm cli­mates.

Ad­vanced Work­shops, Sunday, 13 Oc­to­ber 2019



Sunday, 13 Oc­to­ber 2019, 9:00 am - 6:30 pm  

Thermal Bridge cal­cu­la­tion (full day)

Ac­quire in-depth know­ledge on the sub­ject of thermal bridges - in­dis­pens­able for the en­ergy ef­fi­cient plan­ning of com­plex build­ings. You will also learn how to cal­cu­late thermal bridges us­ing the free THERM pro­gramme.
To get the most be­ne­fit from this work­shop, please bring your own laptop com­puter. You should be able to run Ex­cel files ver­sion 2013 or high­er and THERM 7.7.

lueftung_workshop.jpg__352x222_q85_subsampling-2 (1).jpg

Sunday, 13 Oc­to­ber 2019, 9:00 am - 6:30 pm

Vent­il­a­tion (full day)

Be­come fa­mil­i­ar with con­cepts of con­trolled vent­il­a­tion in­clud­ing a prom­ising ap­proach to­wards less in­vest­ment costs: facade-in­teg­rated vent­il­a­tion, de­cent­ral­ized solu­tions and com­pact units.

Sun­day, 13 Oc­to­ber 2019, 9:00 am - 6:30 pm

Win­dows Work­shop (full day)

The glo­bal de­mand for high­ly ef­fi­cient and cost-ef­fec­ti­ve win­dows ex­ceeds the cur­rent pro­duc­ti­on ex­per­ti­se thus lea­ding to mar­ket shor­ta­ges. This work­shop is in­ten­ded to con­tri­bu­te to­wards eli­mi­na­ting the­se shor­ta­ges by pro­vi­ding spe­cia­list know­led­ge on high-per­for­man­ce win­dows. Ad­di­tio­nal­ly, par­ti­ci­pants will be ab­le to con­vin­ce pro­du­cers in their re­gio­nal mar­kets to ma­nu­fac­ture the­se high-per­for­man­ce win­dows in their re­spec­ti­ve re­gi­ons.


Sat­urday, 12 Oc­to­ber 2019, 12:30 am - 5:30 pm
Sunday, 13 Oc­to­ber 2019, 9:00 am - 5:45 pm

Train-the-Train­er Course


Sat­urday, 12 Oc­to­ber 2019, 9:00 am - 1:30 pm

Ren­ov­a­tion roadmap - ex­change work­shop

This cour­se ta­kes place sub­se­quent­ly to the In­ter­na­ti­on­al Pass­ive Hou­se Con­fer­en­ce and is ad­res­sed to eve­ry­bo­dy who is fas­cin­ated by the Pass­ive Hou­se and would li­ke to sha­re their know­led­ge as a course pro­vider for cer­ti­fied Pass­ive Hou­se de­sign­ers or tra­des­people courses.

To get the most be­ne­fit from this work­shop, please bring your own laptop com­puter. You should be able to run Ex­cel files ver­sion 2013 or high­er.

If you want to be­come ac­cred­ited as a course pro­vider and take part in the free train-the train­er course please send your ap­plic­a­tion to the Pass­ive House In­sti­tu­te (de­sign­ After re­cog­ni­tion as a course pro­vider you will get an in­vit­a­tion for the train-the-train­er course.

In­di­vidu­al ren­ov­a­tion roadmaps look at the build­ing as a whole and provide cus­tom­ized re­fur­bish­ment plans over a long time span. Con­sid­er­ing the oc­cu­pant´s and build­ing´s con­text, a step-by-step ret­ro­fit plan provides a qual­ity-as­sured guideline for the build­ing own­er, re­mov­ing one of the main bar­ri­ers to suc­cess­fully en­able deep ret­ro­fit meas­ures and ef­fi­ciency im­prove­ment on the way to a car­bon neut­ral build­ing stock.
This work­shop aims to provide par­ti­cipants from ad­min­is­tra­tions, in­ter­na­tion­al or­gan­iz­a­tions or fund­ing agen­cies with a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing of step-by-step-re­fur­bish­ment pro­cesses and cus­tom­ized ren­ov­a­tion plans. Fur­ther, it will give a plat­form to ex­change ex­per­i­en­ces and dis­cuss ideas for the im­ple­ment­a­tion of ren­ov­a­tion roadmaps.

If you wish to par­ti­cip­ate in this work­shop please send an E-mail to the Pass­ive House In­sti­tu­te (con­fer­en­ ).