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"Passive House worldwide!" Get informed about the programme of the 23rd International Passive House Conference and register now! Early bird dis­count un­til 31st of Ju­ly 2019!

Under the theme "Pass­ive House World­wide!", The 23rd International Passive House Conference in Gaobeidian/China is dedicated to the worldwide energy-efficient construction and renovation. The now published pro­gramme contains over 20 series of lec­tures, including in particular the opening lecture of the German environmental scientist Ernst Ul­rich von Weiz­säck­er. Re­gister now and get your early bird dis­count un­til the 31st of Ju­ly 2019!

This year's Passive House Conference from 9 to 11 Oc­to­ber 2019 is the first conference of the Passive House Institute outside Europe. Since there is a need for sustainable construction, especially in China, the Passive House Institute became involved.

The lec­tures are about topics such as airtightness and quality assurance or with interesting passive house projects from the residential and non-residential sector in China as well as energy-efficient renovations worldwide. The design tools PHPP and design­PH are also part of the lectures. The lan­guages ​​are English and Chinese, but all lectures will be simultaneously translated into English or Chinese.

There are work­groups on passive house projects in warm climates or especially on ventilation systems in kitchens. In further work­shops you can learn about topics like airtightness, calculation of thermal bridges, ventilation systems or windows. For organizers of courses for certified Passive House planners and Passive House craftsmen the two-day Train-The-Train­er work­shop is providing valuable information. 

As usual the accompanying ex­hib­i­tion is part of the International Passive House Conference. More than 100 international manufacturers present their components for energy-efficient construction and renovation. Do not miss the Pass­ive House Net­work­ing Party at the end of the first day of the conference. This evening event is included in the conference ticket.

Ex­cur­sions are also included in the conference ticket. Here you can choose between the visit of the Gaobeidian "Bahnstadt", passive house projects in the capital Beijing or an office complex in Zhouzhou.

We would like to support you in registering for the conference by offering a free service webinar on Thursday, 25th Ju­ly 2019 at 8:30am and 5:00pm.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the 23rd International Passive House Conference in Gabeidian/China, and we are sure it will be worth the visit.

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