PHPP Variant Calculation

Wednesday, 7 March 2018, 9:00am - 6:00pm
Venue: Bauzentrum, Willy-Brandt-Allee 10, 81829 München

This hands-on workshop will familiarize you with the use of the PHPP variant calculation. The PHPP variant calculation is a powerful feature in PHPP which allows the user to compare efficiency measures for various standards; check the influence of insulation thickness or other components on the energy demand; evaluate the impact of various window types offered in a tender specification on the efficiency results of a project; and also enter retrofit stages of a step-by-step retrofit and be able to present and explain the efficiency improvement of a building over 20 years. Participants of this workshop will learn how to perform the all the previously mentioned functions, as well as additional tips and tricks for special cases.

Time Topic Speaker

9:00 am

Welcome and short introduction

Camille Sifferlen,
Chiara Failla,
Jan Steiger

9:30 am

Entering design options or retrofit measures into
the Variant worksheet in PHPP 9

Camille Sifferlen

10:30 am



11:00 am

Work with the variant feature:
Activating and deactivating the variant functions

Chiara Failla,
Jan Steiger

11:30 pm

Entering various component qualities or various efficiency standards

Camille Sifferlen,
Chiara Failla

12:30 pm



2:00 pm

Working with user defined parameters:
Building typologies, extensions, orientation, locations

Camille Sifferlen,
Jan Steiger

2:30 pm

Exercise: Entering row houses, optimising orientation,
evaluate a building in different locations

Camille Sifferlen,
Jan Steiger

3:30 pm



4:00 pm

Entering retrofit steps into the variant sheet

Camille Sifferlen,
Jan Steiger

5:30 pm

Questions, ideally answers


6:00 pm




Workshop pre-requisites
- Please bring your own laptop / OS-version Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.6 or higher are recommended
- Excel 2007 or higher for Windows or Excel 2011 for Mac or higher should be installed
  (unfortunately, we cannot offer support for Open Office)
- To participate, a license of PHPP 9 is not required



Conference participant
Standard price




iPHA member/student discount       €30



Credit points

Pre-conference workshops can be credited as training events towards renewing your certificate.